Script Wizards Issue 1 (Pre-order)

$5.00 - $15.00

Script Wizards #1 is the first issue of an old-school hacker RPG zine.

Inside, you'll find:
• Engravings, ASCII and 1-bit pixel art to spark your imagination
• Guides on using Discord to run virtual Open Table campaigns
• Interviews with tech-savvy GMs and players on their favorite digital tools
• Random tables of traps and magical items in print and in interactive digital formats
• An exclusive preview of Garde, a mechanics-lite RPG system created by visc
• Sentient Staves, like sentient swords but for wizards
• Tutorials for AI-powered dungeon and adventure design
• Featured open-source projects directory in the OSR RPG space
• Hack this Dungeon, a challenge adventure to test the defenses of a magical fortress

32 pages, 5.5" x 8" staple-bound zine. Includes PDF.

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