Aquilus Issue #2 + PDF

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Aquilus is a biannual OSR zine for use with traditional role-playing games and their modern editions.

Issue #2 contains a hex-crawl in the region of Ostaria, with detailed descriptions of 6 keyed locations. This issue also details the city of Halgarth, with numerous random tables to generate ideas, situations, and adventures.

• A detailed, full-color hex map of Ostaria.
• Random tables to use with the hex map, including landmarks, encounters, and weather.
• 6 detailed locations in Ostaria, each with descriptions, random tables, and suggestions for further adventuring.
• Random tables to generate the city of Halgarth, including encounters, rumors, city life, factions, and magic schools.
• 18 new magic spheres.
• An appendix detailing links and connections between all locations of the hex map.

Writing and layout by Vasili Kaliman
Published by Singing Flame, Winter 2021
zine, 36 pages, softcover, saddle stitched, full color throughout
8.3 × 5.8 in. / 21.0 × 14.8 cm
PDF included with purchase.